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The last full history of Baker University was written by Homer Kingsley Ebright and published in 1953, 95 years after the founding of the University.  Of course, a lot has happened at Baker since then and in reading Ebright's history I found myself wanting a more in depth look at some of the key people, places and events in history.  Toward that end, assisted by former University President Dr. Dan Lambert, former Chairman of the Board of Trustees Walter Pinnell and former Vice President of Development Jerry Weakley, I have created this blog to collect stories about the history of the first university in Kansas.  Thanks also to Baker Director of Alumni Relations, Doug Barth, and University Archivist, Sara DeCaro for their help in ongoing research.  I plan on researching and contributing a number of articles myself, but what I am really looking for is stories that others who share my interest in Baker history can contribute.  The articles can come from personal reminiscences about times at Baker or original research about days gone by.  The articles can be about things that happened 150 years ago or things that happened recently.  Please send your article to me at and I will get it posted on the blog.  To view posts to the blog, click on the word "blog" in the upper right of this page.

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